1. Lady Wray
    Atlanta, Georgia
  2. El Michels Affair
    New York
  3. Bobby Oroza
    Helsinki, Finland
  4. Brainstory
    Rialto, California
  5. Dave Guy
    Brooklyn, New York
  6. Les Imprimés
  7. Surprise Chef
    Melbourne, Australia
  8. Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band
    Hamburg, Germany
  9. Thee Marloes
    Surabaya, Indonesia
  10. Thee Heart Tones
    Los Angeles, California
  11. Sunny & The Sunliners
    San Antonio, Texas
  12. Lizette & Quevin
    Los Angeles, California
  13. Liam Bailey
    London, UK
  14. Lee Fields & The Expressions
    Brooklyn, New York
  15. The Shacks
    New York, New York
  16. Paul & The Tall Trees
    New York, New York
  17. Okonkolo
    New York, New York
  18. Holy Hive
    New York
  19. Max Shrager
    New York, New York
  20. 79.5
    Brooklyn, New York
  21. Danny Akalepse
    New York
  22. Boco
    New Orleans, Louisiana
  23. Soul Explosives
    New York, New York
  24. The Demands
    Dallas, Texas
  25. Mickey & The Fabulous Five


Big Crown Records Brooklyn, New York

Big Crown Records is a Brooklyn based independent record label started in 2016 by Leon Michels & Danny Akalepse. Home of Lady Wray, El Michels Affair, Bobby Oroza, Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band, The Shacks, Liam Bailey, Paul & The Tall Trees, Brainstory, Holy Hive, Surprise Chef, and more. ... more

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